Transformation Membership

Where are you at?

Perhaps you used to exercise regularly and your are ready to get back into things. You might be new to exercise but are commited to making some lifestyle changes.

What problems might you be facing right now?

You might be feeling stressed or anxious. You might have a low mood. You might be feeling like you aren’t fit enough. You might be bored of your current routine.

What you need help with right now?

Finding a type of exercise which you really enjoy so that you actually want to do it regularly. Having the chance to surround yourself with friendly welcoming people. Carving out time during the week for yourself. Finding ways to blow off steam in healthy way. Increasing your energy levels and improving your mood. The motivation that comes from moving together in a group.

How can the Transformation Membership help you?

You will have access to classes Zumba and Dance Fitness classes that help you to blow off steam, give you a boost of feel good hormones and get your body moving in a fun environment where you can meet new people and feel like part of a community. You will have access to yoga classes to help you connect to your breathing, calm your mind and help you feel stronger and more flexible in a non-judgemental environment where everyone is welcome. Comiting to a membership will help you stay on track and make exercise part of your weekly routine and the 8 classes per month will help to make a real transformation in how you feel as well as being a manageable time commitment.

It includes:
  • 8 classes per month
  • A social event every few months
  • Dance routines, recipes, workouts, health tips via email
  • Mix and match class types: Zumba Funk Fitness, Dance Funk Fitness, Zumba, Yoga, “real life” and online.
  • Unlimited exclusive members access to recordings of online classes.

Fees: £63 per month, billed every month on 1st month.

Cancellations: 14 days notice

Looking for online classes only? Click here for info on our online classes

“…I have noticed my fitness has improved. And also I have definitely dropped a dress size and other people have noticed as well…. My energy levels are up as well..”

… I didn’t want to go to a gym cos I just thought I’d just be really bored at the gym…I just felt like I wanted to go to a class, because I needed motivation and I found that doing stuff at home I was getting a bit bored and a bit lack lustre…I think my only apprehension was that I do tend to have two left feet sometimes and I’m not very good at following instructions and I tend to freestyle quite a bit. And I wasn’t sure what the ladies would be like here. Because I know some of my friends go to classes at other gyms and they say its very kind of posey and I knew I didn’t want that, I wanted something that was quite relaxed and this is great. So it’s a nice group of people, a nice group of ladies who come here. The classes are really good fun. There is no pressure to be perfect, you don’t get told off if you do a wrong move, you don’t get made to feel bad if you start freestyling like I do! So its just really good fun. The best result I’ve had is my fitness levels, I have noticed my fitness has improved. And also I have definitely dropped a dress size and other people have noticed as well. I tend to come about 3 times a week, which is great for me. I just love it. My energy levels are up as well.