Premium Membership

Where are you at?

You aren’t doing any type of exercise at the moment. You are serious about making a change in your lifestyle. You want the fastest most effective way to feel fitter, happier and healthier. You love dancing and want to do as many classes as possible. You might have tried other types of exercise in the past and hated it and know that you need something that you will enjoy. You might have tried Zumba or Dance Fitness in the past and know that it really works for you.

What problems might you be facing right now?

You are feeling fed up with your weight or body and do not feel good about your fitness levels. You hate the idea of the gym and most types of exercise really do not appeal to you. You struggle with motivation when it comes to exercise. There aren’t enough opportunities for you to socialise with other people in your current day-to-day life. Sometimes you feel stressed and don’t have the chance to really blow off the steam you need. You seem to feel tired all the time and feel low on energy.

What you need help with right now?

A fast and effective solution to your concerns about your body and your fitness. Finding a type of exercise which you really enjoy so that you actually want to do it regularly. Feeling more confident in your body and embracing how it looks and moves. Being given exercise which will help you burn lots of calories to help you tone up and get in shape. Having the chance to surround yourself with friendly welcoming people. Finding ways to blow off steam in healthy way. Increasing your energy levels and improving your mood.

How can the Premium Membership help you?

You get 15 classes per month which are all designed to be as fun as possible. The quantity of classes each month means that you can expect to see and feel results in a short amount of time. The classes give you an effective full body workout that will help you to improve your fitness, burn calories and lose weight so you can feel good about your body. The focus of the classes is not on getting the moves right but on having fun and keeping fit so you are free to let go of the concerns about “getting the moves right”. With time you will start to realise how much more your body can do, and learning new steps will give you a big boost of confidence. The choreography is designed to make you feel empowered and sexy and will help you to feel good about yourself. You will get to spend time with the other Zumba NXG members both in classes and at our quarterly socials giving you the chance to meet new people and make friends. The classes are at a set time each week and you have to book in to help you commit to your weekly exercise and schedule in your “me time”. Dancing around for an hour will give you the chance to blow off steam, de-stress and give you a boost of endorphins to improve your mood and increase your energy levels. If you get off track and get out of the habit of coming to classes (rare) we will get in touch with you to help you get back on track.

It includes:

  • 15 classes per month
  • A social event every few months
  • Unlimited access to Imogen with your health, fitness, wellness and dance questions.
  • Dance routines, recipes, workouts, health tips via email.

“…they’ve become an essential part of my social life as well as my exercise routine…”

I’ve been coming to Imogen’s classes for a couple of years and they’ve become an essential part of my social life as well as my exercise routine. The music is fab, the routines are fun (challenging but achievable). She’s got real charisma and makes everyone feel the joy of dancing, even if we’re less than brilliant! Its a real community experience, all ages, all sizes, all abilities welcome!


Premium Membership.