Online Classes

Feeling fed up and sluggish?

Struggle with motivation for exercise?

Want An Hour For Yourself To Connect With Other People, Do Something That Makes You Feel Good & Gives You A Structure To Your Day?

Join us for one of our Zoom Classes!

  • Take your mind off of your worries for an hour
  • Do something for yourself that makes you feel good
  • Connect with other humans
  • Get a boost of feel good hormones from moving your body in a way that makes you feel happy
  • Feel fitter & healthier
  • Look after your mental and physical wellbeing

How to join an online class:

  • Book in for your class via the class timetable page of our website
  • Please download the Zoom App via https://zoom.us/download onto your computer, tablet or phone, and register for a free basic account.
  • You will be sent an email with instructions for joining the class online.
We having pricing options to suit everyone:

Never been for a class? Your first one is on us! Try a class for free!

Want to get some great results with your fitness, wellbeing or weight? Ready to invest your time in you?

Why not try one of our memberships?

Drop-ins for £7 per class if you can’t make a commitment or your lifestyle is too unpredictable to pin yourself down to a routine.

“Great class – so much fun and Imogen’s a great teacher. Booked my next session minutes after my first class ended! If they stay online, I’m definitely going to be a regular.