Online Classes

All Of Our Classes Are Currently ONLINE until the end of August. Some of our classes return to the community centre on 1st September.

Feeling fed up and sluggish?

Struggle with motivation for exercise?

Want An Hour For Yourself To Connect With Other People, Do Something That Makes You Feel Good & Gives You A Structure To Your Day?

Join us for one of our Zoom Classes!

  • Take your mind off of your worries for an hour
  • Do something for yourself that makes you feel good
  • Connect with other humans
  • Get a boost of feel good hormones from moving your body in a way that makes you feel happy
  • Feel fitter & healthier
  • Look after your mental and physical wellbeing

How to join an online class:

  • Book in for your class via the class timetable page of our website
  • Please download the Zoom App via https://zoom.us/download onto your computer, tablet or phone, and register for a free basic account.
  • You will be sent an email with instructions for joining the class online.
We having pricing options to suit everyone:

Never been for a class? Your first one is on us! Try a class for free!

Want to get some great results with your fitness, wellbeing or weight? Ready to invest your time in you?

Why not try one of our memberships?

Drop-ins for £7 per class if you can’t make a commitment or your lifestyle is too unpredictable to pin yourself down to a routine.

There are concessions available for people who are dealing with significant financial difficulty due to the crisis. Please email us at zumbanxg@outlook.com for details

NB some of our classes will be moving back to the community centre from 1st September. The rest are due to return from 1st October. To find out more, click here to find out about our phased return to classes.

Available classes:
Online Zumba & Dance Funk Fitness

Like the idea of getting fit whilst having fun dancing?

Try a Zumba or Dance Funk Fitness class!

Online Ballet

Love the idea of learning and developing a skill whilst dancing to lovely classical music?

Try a ballet class!

Online Yoga

Want a way to calm your mind and move your body?

Try a yoga class!

“Great class – so much fun and Imogen’s a great teacher. Booked my next session minutes after my first class ended! If they stay online, I’m definitely going to be a regular.