Kickstart Membership

Where are you at?

You might be completely new to fitness, dance or yoga and feel nervous about trying something new to help you destress or learn a different skill. You might already do other types of exercise, but want to add in something different. You might have a busy lifestyle but want to make time for exercise and movement.

What problems might you be facing right now?

You might be feeling stressed or anxious. You might have a low mood. You might be feeling like you aren’t fit enough. You might be broed of your current routine.

What you need help with right now?

You need exercise which you can look forward to. You need make exercise a regular habit to help you feel fitter, happier, healthier and more confident. You need an hour week to yourself to blow off some steam and de-stress. 

How can the Kickstart Membership help you?

You will have access to classes Zumba and Dance Fitness classes that help you to blow off steam, give you a boost of feel good hormones and get your body moving in a fun environment where you can meet new people and feel like part of a community. You will have access to yoga classes to help you connect to your breathing, calm your mind and help you feel stronger and more flexible in a non-judgemental environment where everyone is welcome. Comiting to a membership will help you stay on track and make exercise part of your weekly routine and the 4 classes per month will fit in around your busy schedule.

It includes:
  • 4 classes per month
  • A social event every few months
  • Dance routines, recipes, workouts, health tips via email.
  • Mix and match 4 class types: Dance Funk Fitness, Zumba, Zumba Funk Fitness and Yoga (online and or person).
  • Unlimited exclusive members access to recordings of online classes.

Fees: £37 per month, billed every month on 1st of the month.

Cancellations: 14 days notice

Looking for online classes only? Click here for info on online classes

“…I feel this lovely kind of sense of relaxation at the end as well as more energy…I can get through the entire session feeling like I can do the entire session without feeling like I need to have a break…”

[I was] really unfit, not doing any regular exercise, I’m quite undisciplined with exercise and I thought “I’d better do something about this. I was a bit worried that. I might not be fit enough and it might be full of bronzed toned really excellent Zumba people and then I realised that its actually a very mixed group. And it’s not really about necessarily who’s being excellent at it, it’s more about having a good time and a workout The classes are really fun. Imogen is amazing. Really funny. And what I really like is an added bonus is you discover all this different music from all over the world , this dance music that I’d never normally probably hear and I learn all these moves that one day I might actually get to work out in the clubs. You get some really interesting dance moves…Really good for respiratory, stamina, muscle, muscle tone and co-ordination. So you get all of that. And what I’ve really enjoyed in the last I suppose month, I’ve really noticed this nice endorphin effect at the end of the class, like I’m pushing myself in a way in a way that I can push myself, not too much but within my kind of limits. And I feel this lovely kind of sense of relaxation at the end as well as more energy…I can get through the entire session feeling like I can do the entire session without feeling like I need to have a break. So I will go off and have water and stuff. But to start with I had to have quite a few breaks. I really couldn’t manage the stamina the all way through which is fine but about a month ago I realised, no I can keep going. Obviously you have to push yourself and there can be moments where your kind of sweaty and hot and little bit of discomfort but that’s kind of meant to happen, its good for your body. I realise I broke through that barrier about four weeks ago and it was brilliant to feel that.

Current Member