Interview With Imogen

I’ve never done Zumba or Dance Funk Fitness before, will I be ok?

Absolutely! Many of my current members had never done Zumba before and there are usually lots of new members in the group, we all start somewhere. You don’t have to get all of the moves right you just have to have a go!

I’ve never done ballet before, will I be ok?

Our ballet classes are Beginners to Improvers level. You would be most at home in the class if you have done a bit of ballet before but are feeling a little rusty and need a confidence boost or if you have done some classes in another similar style like contemporary or jazz  There is a lot to learn in ballet but I try to make the classes accessible to people who haven’t done much ballet before too. If you aren’t sure don’t be nervous, pop me a message 🙂

I’ve never done yoga before, will I be ok?

Yes you will be fine! Sometimes the first class can feel a bit intimidating and the names of the poses can be a bit confusing when your new. But our classes are suitable for complete beginners and we definitely do not mind if you can’t touch your toes. I will give extra help to anyone who needs it and we all start somewhere.

I have an injury, will I be ok?

This will depend on the nature of your injury. There are always ways to adapt movements and many of my current participants find they can continue with the classes despite an injury. However I strongly recommend speaking with a medical professional (your GP or a physio therapist) before increasing the level of physical activity that you are currently doing.

I am overweight, will I be ok?

You will most likely be absolutely fine and find that it is a brilliant way to help you become a healthier weight and more confident with your body. You are not alone and the majority of the people who start my classes want to lose weight. If you are medically obese then you should check with your GP before making changes to the level of physical activity that you are currently doing.

I have no co-ordination, will I be ok?

Yes! The majority of my members said exactly this when they started! The good thing about my classes is that it doesn’t matter if you aren’t co-ordinated, no one will mind if you get the moves wrong. Just keep moving and have a laugh! Co-ordination is a skill which can be developed over time, so be patient with yourself in your first class ☺

What should I wear?

Something you can move in which will keep you cool (it can get quite warm in the hall!) I normally like to wear some bright and colourful leggings or shorts and a strappy top. I recommend wearing a supportive sports bra (lots of shimmying and shaking and jumping!) if you are busty. You will need to wear trainers to support your feet and protect your joints.

Do I need to bring anything to my free taster class?

– yoga mat (yoga only)
– bottle of water
– payment card (don’t worry the first class you come to is completely free, however, there will be a special offer on subsequent classes which is only available at the taster class which you may want to take advantage of)
– small towel for sweat if you want

Is there parking available?

There is no car park however you can park for free on the residential roads surrounding the community centre.

How do I get there?

For information on where to find us, please visit the “where to find us” page of our website.

Are there changing facilities?

There are toilet facilities in which you can get changed.

I want to come every week, how much is it?

We have a range of options available to suit different people. The best way to decide which option would suit you best is to book in for a free taster class and we will be able to decide together the option which would suit you and your specific needs the best. In the meantime, feel free to check out our “getting started” page for more info.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing zumbanxg@outlook.com
It can be nerve wracking to join a new class so I want to make you feel as welcome as possible no question is too small and I love to help as much as I can.

…It took me a while to convince myself to attend the Zumba classes but in the end I persevered and turned up not knowing what to expect. I had absolutely no reservations [about joining Imogen’s classes] because I immediately felt welcomed and it is a pleasant and a non-judgemental environment (especially for someone like me who struggles with self confidence)…

Tanya, Telegraph Hill

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