Beginners Ballet Classes

Where are you at?

You have never done ballet before or you may have tried a handful of classes, perhaps when you were a child. You love the idea of ballet and are curious about trying it out. (If you have done more than 6 months of recent ballet classes or if you continued your training up until you were a teenager you might want to try our Improvers level classes)

What problems might you be facing right now?

You may be feeling a bit down in the dumps or bored of your normal routine. You might feel a bit sluggish. You may feel your body is not as mobile as it used to be. You might feel you have bad posture. You may be struggling with your overall confidence. You might really want to try something like ballet but feel a bit nervous that you won’t pick it up or that you won’t be graceful enough or that everyone else will know what they are doing already. You might feel like its harder and harder to make connections with other people nowadays and sometimes it can be a bit lonely.

What you need help with right now?

You need to feel motivated and inspired again. You need something which will give you the chance to move your body in a way that feels good. You need something which will allow you to improve your posture, co-ordination, strength and mobility. You need to feel confident that you can explore and try out something new in a relaxed non-judgemental environment. You need to find a way to connect with some new people where you can share common interests. 

How can the Beginners Ballet Classes help you?

You can learn choreography, steps and technique that give you that feel good factor you gain when you are learning a new skill. You can learn to move and express your body to beautiful classical and piano music putting you in touch with and awakening the emotions inside you. You can bring life back into your body and nourish your soul with a boost of endorphins helping to improve your mood. You can strengthen your legs, learn how to balance, improve your posture, become more mobile so that moving feels more free and enjoyable both in class and in every day life. You can learn at a slow steady pace and ask the questions you need without feeling judged so that you can make improvements and continue learning. You can learn among other students of your level so you never feel out of your depth, overwhelmed or embarrassed. You can gain confidence in yourself as you show to yourself that you can learn ballet as an adult. You can meet new people with whom you share a common interest and dance with the same people each week giving you an easy way to make new friends.

It includes:

  • A weekly one hour class on Wednesdays 8:30-9:30pm
  • A social event every few months.
  • Videos and other resources to help you learn the routines and give you the best learning experience.
  • Dance routines, recipes, workouts, health tips via email.
  • Unlimited support from Imogen

Investment: £50 per month

“…to be able to dance to part of such a beautiful ballet such as Swan Lake and be able to feel even vaguely graceful makes my inner childhood ballerina dreams sing with joy.  ”


I’d done a handful of beginner ballet drop in classes before but in the large classes I found it very overwhelming and wasn’t really enjoying it or learning much and many of the students I spoke to had don’t the class for many months without seeing much progression.

Having little to no prior ballet experience I was really worried I would be the only person doing completely the wrong moves but having been coming to Imogen’s Zumba classes for a few months I was confident Imogen  would make the class fun and inclusive.

I’ve loved the classes so far. Imogen makes the classes really fun and explains all the moves and positions clearly and gives good feedback to help everyone progress. There are a real mix of abilities, but Imogen makes sure everyone is happy with the exercises and choreography and goes through all the tricky steps so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the pace of the class. Everyone in the class is friendly and that helps feel less awkward about not always feeling or looking like the perfect ballerina! Plus the exercises are deceptively challenging for the body- you can really see why ballet fitness is so popular- especially when you feel your legs after all the jumps!

I’ve loved the choreography we have learnt so far and how the initial barre exercises are taken through into the dancing at the end of the class. To be able to dance to part of such a beautiful ballet such as Swan Lake and be able to feel even vaguely graceful makes my inner childhood ballerina dreams sing with joy.


New Cross